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My name is
Vitali Zahharov
. I’m a traveler, judge, perfectionist, visual storyteller and award-winning designer from North Europe with over 8 years of experience in creating digital experiments for folks all around the world. My solid knowledge and design thinking allow me to bring beautiful and emotion-driven work to life.

Currently, I work as senior visual designer at YML, helping impact on brands like Thrive Market, PayPal, Royal Caribbean, C3, PureStorage, Universal, TaxAct, HomeDepot, Forever21 and other.

Honestly I tired of having endless and sleepless nights of re-designing, re-thinking and re-imagining portfolio every month, or two. I’ve done more than fifty projects including websites, applications, ecosystems, print materials, conceptual arts etc. Now, I just came up with one simple idea—show everything I have at once. Happy scrolling!

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Thank you.
Vitali Zahharov©

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1989—still rocking.