Hey, It’s Vitali Zahharov. Visual Storteller & Digital Designer from North Europe. Let me know if you have any project or idea in mind.

Vitali Zahharov︎

Visual     storyteller and digital     designer from North Europe.    Interested in  mobile,       user interface,      visuals, art-direction and motion.


— Creative Direction
— Branding
— Identity Design
— Editorial Design
— Motion
— Conceptual
— Web/UI

Featured & Awards

— Awwwards 
CSSDesign Awards 
Mindsparkle Mag 
Webby Awards x 3 
Behance x 20
The Next Web

Personal Info, ‘17 — ’00

Recent clients are PureStorage, dosist, Universal, Universal, Thrive Market, Royal Caribbean, UFC, Oracle and other.


My name is

Vitali Zahharov.

   I’m award-winning digital designer with over eight years of experience. Originaly I was born and  raised      in North Europe.    Currently, I work as   senior    designer at  YML, where I help brands        look    good. 

Before,     I lived in Singapore and      served as lead     
designer/art-director.   Even before that, I worked for    Fantasy together  with top class       folks with whom   we’ve created and delivered a truly amazing products for such huge brands as UFC, Royal Caribbean      and Huawei.  

As for today—I judge at
CSSDesign, it helps me keep surfing the     trends of all kinds of     design and be    inspired from really   creative people all      around the world.


Selected projects

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