Vitali Zahharov︎︎︎
Digital Designer & Visual Storyteller. 

︎ Vitali is an award-winning designer currently based in (North) Europe with over than eight years of experience designing digital experiments for the world-class brands such as Huawei, Royal Caribbean, Toshiba, UFC, Universal Music, Oracle, TaxAct, JLL, PureStorage and kick-ass startups ︎ Mostly focuses on Products, Interfaces, Storytelling, Motion and Branding.

︎ Selected work ︎︎︎



Dosist is a modern wellness company. Helped them create clean and minimal website where people can easily browse and do shopping. On this project he was lead designer and was responsible for art-direction, product design and motion as well.︎︎︎

Royal Caribbean

Product, App

Hired to help develop the new look to the current interface for the largest cruise line Royal Caribbean and make it pop.



Branding, Website

Interface, Motion is a AI software platform and applications for multiple commercial uses, was created by American billionaire Thomas Siebel. He created for them an absolutely new website, and one of the point mentioned by C3 management was—to show everyone including potential client that AI is fun, which he and the team successfully did.︎︎︎


Conceptual, Digital

California Pizza Kitchen


Fully redesign of the website, including new interface, design system, the new book system, food ordering and creation of the interactions for an American casual dining restaurant chain that specializes in California-style pizza originally from Beverly Hills.︎︎︎

Thrive Market

Art-Directon, Product, Motion

Thrive Market is an American e-commerce membership-based retailer offering natural and organic food products at reduced costs. Vitali was part of the product team, and helped redesign the website, create design system and polish everything, from the interface to the subtle and smooth animation.︎︎︎



He was hire to help create and bring the new ideas with a creative approaches for the new visual look for UFC website.︎︎︎