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Branding, Visuals


For America’s #2 online tax filing service, our challenge was simple: steal market share from the leader. Our strategy: create an easy, friendly, and — dare we say it? — fun online brand.

The Challenge
TaxAct came with us with a seemingly simple ask: Increase conversions and decrease bounce. What was needed in order to achieve this was a complete overhaul of their homepage, which was in desperate need of simplification.

Visual Direction
User Interface
Lead Designer

New website, new brand

Like a stuffy accountant, the old TaxAct website was dull and uninviting. To give customers a better first impression, the new TaxAct website features a brand new design aesthetic, illustration style and tone of voice for TaxAct.

Visual Concepts

We then proceeded to create several visual concepts, exploring photographic, illustrative, and abstract directions.

We did more than 50+ concepts

Looks fun, and even the kid will understand what’s going on.

Creative Director: Alex Huang
Art Director & Lead Designer: Vitali Zahharov

Showcasing the precision and design of the delivery devices required an elegant design that complimented the beauty of the products.

Special Illustrations 

“Thank you, YML, for bringing the passion & the fire to make this dream a reality.”

— Fazir Jameer Ali, Head of Product, Design & CX, TaxAct

November, 2018