web, 2018

︎        America's #2 online tax filing product. Our challenge: steal market share. Our strategy: create a more simple, friendly, and — dare we say it? — fun online brand.

UI, Web, art-direction, motion

TaxAct came with us with a seemingly simple ask: Increase conversions and decrease bounce. What was needed in order to achieve this was a complete overhaul of their homepage, which was in desperate need of simplification.

The homepage turned into an opportunity to redefine the TaxAct brand and make it simpler and more playful. To give customers a better first impression, the new TaxAct website features a brand new design aesthetic, illustration style and tone of voice.

The newly redesigned homepage was a success, increasing conversions by over 22% in the first tax season.

stephen clements, vitali zahharov, alex huang, gabriel cendoma, poojan jhaveri, jonathan bongato, zelda zhang