Photo by Ksenia Kurs

︎    Vitali is an award-winning digital designer and problem solver currently based in Los Angeles (CA), USA. Previously he worked as creative director in Singapore, before he lived in Spain for a while alongside with his spouse. Originally he is from a small country Estonia that located in North Europe.

(+1) 323–760–1925

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    As a (multidisciplinary) designer Vitali has had the opportunity to create digital experiences for the world-class brands, big-name companies, million dollar startups and other.

     Vitali’s vision is very unique, he can easily find the fragile balance between visual appealing and human-being functionality. Working in the industry for such long time taught him use critical thinking in all aspects of the project by bringing his strong attention to the every small details and, also understanding the client’s businesses concepts and models no matter how big or small they are.

    His solid knowledge and design thinking allows him to bring beautiful and emotion-driven work to life. His work was recognized across the world, and as a result he has some prestigious awards, he was featured in many digital/print resources for his design work.

    Awards & Accolades:
(5) Webby Awards
(21) Behance

︎︎︎ Holder of O1B type of Visa, Issued in March ‘20, United States

(7) 2022– [In stealth mode], Los Angeles, CA
(6) 2021–22 Executive Agency, Freelance
(5) 2020–21 Clarifai, Tallinn, Estonia
(4) 2018–20 YML, San Francisco, CA
(3) 2017–18 Wishbone Digital Group, Singapore, Singapore
(2) 2017 Fantasy, San Francisco, CA
(1) 2013–17 ITM Trade, Tallinn, Estonia

YML, Fantasy, Universal Music Group, WeNatal, KnoxLane, Duffl, JLL,, Clarifai, Erply, Dosist, Thrive Market, Obie, M1 Concourse, Forum Equity Partners, Royal Caribbean, UFC, Huawei, Lecet, Haumi Hotels, Singapore Government, Orange Clove, Legrand, SofiaGray, Toshiba Asia, Spirit Airlines, 23&Me, TaxAct, OrthoClear, Mushroom, Nebeus, SMSRaha, FarmView, Sothbey’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Steelcase, Cheeky Bonsai, Photobooker, Executive Agency, Ila+Rev, ArtMatch, Pure Storage, BongaCams, Albertsons, RBC Bank, Tendril, Flowframe, Syn, Oracle and other.